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MMGY Global Webinar | Vistas Latinas: The Landmark Study on U.S. Travelers of Hispanic Descent - Shared screen with speaker view
Gracia Camizzi
Thomas, someone wants to know which vineyard is in your background
Kate Sappell
Welcome all! We'll get started in a few moments. Thank you!
Steven Paganelli
Welcome, Jonnie!
Kate Sappell
Please us the Q&A function if you have questions throughout the presentation, we have time allotted at the end of the panel to discuss.
Jorge Guzman
Hi my name is Jorge Guzman with Vive NW. Does your research provide any information on price elasticity/buying power when purchasing travel packages?
Javier Parada
I think that there is not a fear of weather itself, but rather of being uncomfortable. I think we can do a lot in showing how to be comfortable in, for example, the snow.
Kate Sappell
Thank you for attending!